President's Message


Dear Supporters,


PresidentGeorge2011 has been both a challenging and fulfilling year for BCLT.  BCLT has been awarded several grants to pursue land acquisitions, protection of lands already owned, and to offer environmental education support to the back country school districts. BCLT has also been able to donate important funding to projects by others. Most notable is an Arroyo Toad habitat restoration project between Buckman Springs and Campo being undertaken by the Descanso District of Cleveland National Forest – headquartered here in Alpine. BCLT donated $10,000 to the program, and hopes to work with CNF during the rainy season to re-vegetate the habitat with native mule fat and willows. We are hoping the projects reported in our newsletter meet with your support. Your participation is vital in making projects happen.

We have been continuously trimming the ongoing costs of operations to save money. To that end, we are not currently staffing our Alpine office, we have only one paid employee - our new Program and Outreach Director, Jon Green.  We have trimmed communications services, too. Please contact us by email whenever possible at or by note to P.O. Box 1148, Alpine, 91903.

We ask your help in meeting ongoing costs of the operation. Typically each year $7,000 is spent on 3rd party professional services; like biology and cultural resources surveys on properties owned, and on prospective properties to purchase. An equal amount is spent on occupancy costs like property taxes and office rent. Even though BCLT is a non-profit charity organization, county service fees such as disease vector control, fire district assessments and so on must be paid.  BCLT carries significant liability insurance to protect the public users it welcomes to it properties. Together with BCLT memberships to professional societies like the Chamber and the national Land Trust Alliance, these costs also amount to $7,000 annually. And it costs about $3,000 each year to stay connected with our BCLT's supporters. In sum it costs about $24,000 a year to operate the "Back office" functions of the organization over and above the costs of projects.

Your generosity is most welcome in fulfilling these obligations so that we may continue to fulfill our mission to protect our Back Country rural heritage!

George Barnett

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