Mountain Empire Back Country Land Trust in San Diego

BCLT Mountain Empire

BCLT properties in Potrero and Campo will be retained indefinitely in their natural conditions. BCLT has established habitat management approaches that will sustain biological resources and provide for the long-term maintenance, preservation and enhancement of the land. Activities on the properties are focused primarily on the preservation, restoration and enhancement of native species and their habitats.


The Mt. Empire properties have a variety of sensitive vegetation communities including chaparral, coastal sage scrub, grassland, freshwater wetlands and streams, riparian forest and scrub, and woodlands.

Biological Resources

Ongoing studies are conducted to determine wildlife presence and species condition throughout the Mt. Empire properties. They are known to have endangered wildlife species including Quino Checkerspot Butterfly and Arroyo Toad, as well as special status plant species like Tecate Tarplant.

Land Management

Some of the many land management activities at BCLT’s Mt Empire properties include:
– Building and maintaining stewardship ties and collaborative partnerships with the community.
– Identifying and controlling invasive species by using the most effective and eco-friendly methods available.
– Implementing fire and safety plans to protect people, wildlife and properties.
– Conducting biological assessments and restoration activities keep native plants and wildlife healthy.

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