A tree in the Back Country


To preserve rural, scenic, biological, cultural, and agricultural lands
in eastern San Diego County for future generations.


BCLT envisions a future in San Diego’s Back Country in which wildlife thrives in its native habitat alongside outdoor recreation on open-space lands throughout our region. We foresee a sustainable, long-term balance between preserving the rural heritage of the communities that we serve and protecting the unique natural and cultural resources found in San Diego’s East County.


BCLT preserves environmentally sensitive open-space lands through land acquisition, conservation easements, and ongoing habitat stewardship and monitoring. Our ecological preserves throughout our region protect and enhance endangered species through native habitat restoration.

Outdoor Recreation

BCLT strives to provide thriving wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation opportunities side by side within every community where we work. Our open-space lands are available to the public for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding from sunrise to sunset every day of the year.

Environmental Education

We offer a variety of environmental education experiences in our community through outdoor youth programs, organized guided hikes, and stewardship opportunities for volunteers to work directly on the land.

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