Wright’s Field MSCP Preserve


This privately-owned property is 245-acres of open-space conservation land held in the public trust by BCLT. Each parcel making up Wright’s Field has a conservation easement placed on it to prevent any future development of this land. That means that Alpine will have this land forever as open-space, preserved for future generations to enjoy. Thanks to the hard work and vision of a dedicated group of volunteers, this land will remain as a nature preserve for our children and their children after them. Wright’s Field really is the “heart of Alpine.” Wright’s Field is now protected forever and managed by BCLT as part of the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) of the County of San Diego. Visitors are invited to come explore its beauty. Plan your hike using our Trail Map.

History of the Land

Every era of California history is written at Wright’s Field. Visitors can see the evidence of each different people that settled here over thousands of years. From Kumeyaay grinding stones to Mexican rock walls, Rancho-period wagon trails to pioneer homestead sites, every period of California history is still available to see on the preserve today. Have you seen any of the historic sites at Wright’s Field?

Timeline of Back Country Land Trust


There are five main habitats found on the preserve. Native grassland, Oak Woodland, Riparian, Vernal Pools and Coastal Sage Scrub – Chaparral. These habitats provide homes for over 300 plant species and 100 bird species that have all been identified on the preserve. Including both threatened and endangered species. Listed endangered species found at Wright’s Field include the Hermes Copper butterfly and San Diego Thornmint, two of the most endangered species in San Diego County. Threatened species found on the preserve include the Quino Checkerspot butterfly and Chocolate Lily.

Hermes Butterfly
Qunio Checkerspot

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